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Senin, 14 Maret 2011

[Inside AdSense] Exclusive Affiliate Opportunities from top retailers

Last holiday season, we introduced a unique chance for all AdSense publishers to access affiliate exclusive opportunities from Google Affiliate Network advertisers. We are happy to announce that the Affiliate Exclusive Opportunity program has been extended into 2011.

This March, you can earn more from your website by posting high-converting, exclusive opportunities from select Google Affiliate Network advertisers. When you post these on your site, you'll earn a performance fee for every transaction that originated from your site. The offers will be available from Friday, 3/25, through Monday, 3/28, from over thirty advertisers, including:

$10 off each pair of men's footwearSave $25 off $200 (exclusions apply)Free shipping on orders over $40

How do I promote these on my site?
To promote any of these exclusive opportunities, you need to be an approved publisher in Google Affiliate Network.
  1. Apply for Google Affiliate Network with your AdSense Publisher ID (or sign in if you are already a Google Affiliate Network publisher).
  2. Once approved, review offers and click the "Apply Now" link for every one that you wish to promote.
  3. Tracking links will be available in your Google Affiliate Network account by viewing the "Announcements" section of your Home tab. You can also search for "March Affiliate Exclusive Offer" links in the Links section on March 25.
When can I post these on my site?
The full set will not be live or valid until March 25, and all will expire at midnight. You may not post any of these exclusives until March 25. To learn more about Google Affiliate Network and other affiliate exclusive opportunities please visit this blog post.

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