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Senin, 25 April 2011

[Inside AdSense] Got 2 minutes? Watch our new AdSense demo videos

Change is good, but change can also be hard. This is true for everything from getting used to a new job or apartment to starting with the new AdSense interface. If you've been following our New Interface Wednesdays blog series, you know that there are a lot of new features and benefits to making the switch. To help ease the transition, we want to make sure that you not only know how about all of these great benefits, but that you're also able to navigate through the new tabs and are comfortable with the standard tools you've been using in the old interface.

To help you become more familiar with the new interface (and start using it if you haven't already!) we've created a series of six videos -- each under two minutes -- to quickly demonstrate how to complete some basic actions in your account.

Today, we're excited to present the first two videos in this series: one walking you through how to create an ad unit, and the other on setting up custom channels.

We hope these help you get comfortable with the new AdSense interface! Stay tuned for the next set of videos, which will walk you through the Performance reports tab.

Posted By Inside AdSense Team to Inside AdSense at 4/25/2011 10:10:00 AM

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