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Selasa, 19 April 2011

[Inside AdSense] Submit to the Doodle 4 AdSense showcase

We've heard some amazing stories over the years about how AdSense has changed your businesses and your lives. Whether allowing you to retire early, send your kids to college, or quit your day job to pursue your true passion, success with AdSense looks different to everyone.

We want to celebrate AdSense and you, our amazingly creative publishers, by launching our first ever Doodle 4 AdSense showcase. What's Doodle 4 AdSense? It's the opportunity to create your own AdSense logo to be featured on the Inside AdSense blog, our Facebook page, and Twitter channel so publishers around the world can see what AdSense means to you. Take a look at the two Doodles below from some of our own AdSense team members for inspiration, and submit your own here.

We'll post the first round of submissions that adhere to our Terms and Conditions on May 13th, and close the form on May 20th. Get doodling!

Posted By Inside AdSense Team to Inside AdSense at 4/19/2011 08:20:00 AM

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