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Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

[Inside AdSense] Key policy takeaways from AdSense in Your City

If you follow our AdSense blog you may have heard about our AdSense in Your City events. We love the opportunity to meet publishers in person, hear first-hand feedback and gauge reactions to new AdSense features. At one of the most recent events in our Zurich office, we offered workshops on the Google AdSense program policies where we gained a deeper understanding of your concerns and questions around our policies and policy enforcement processes. To help spread the message to those unable to attend, we wanted to share a few things from the workshops on the Inside AdSense blog:
  • We enforce our program policies on a site and account level. It's definitely worth reading this 'AdSense Facts & Fiction: Program Policies' post to learn more about our policy enforcement processes.
  • We have a lot of information in our help center regarding some of the notifications we send publishers. These help center entries also contain links to forms, which you can use to get in touch with us:
    • Received a notification asking you to make changes within three business days: Here is a detailed overview on what you need to do and know. Please keep in mind that you don't need to let us know if you have simply fixed the violation.
    • Ad-serving has been disabled to your site: Read our Help Center article for more information on why this may have happened.
    • Received a notification stating your AdSense account may be disabled: By reading this information you may be able to get your AdSense account back in good standing.
    • Your AdSense account has been disabled: AdSense accounts can be disabled for different reasons. If you'd like to appeal the decision, be sure to use the right appeal form.
    • You'd like to report a policy violation: Our team is happy to investigate any policy violations submitted through these forms.
  • We send email notifications whenever we need to enforce our program policies, so make sure to check the email address associated with your AdSense account regularly. Alternatively, you can also view all policy notifications by visiting the Messages page, under the Home tab when you sign in to your AdSense account.
  • Some publishers have been contacted because AdSense ads had been placed next to comment spam entries on their blogs and forums. While we understand that no publisher intentionally allows their blogs and forums to be spammed, we ask that you ensure no ads are placed on these pages - as you can imagine advertisers don't want their ads shown in this context. Check out the Webmaster Central blogpost and this help center article to learn how to combat comment spam effectively.
  • Make sure you use the right AdSense product! We have a range of AdSense products these days, from the traditional AdSense for content to AdSense for feeds. This might seem obvious, but in the past, for example, we've seen publishers use AdSense for content ad code within mobile applications. If you'd like to understand why this is important, please read this blog post. Here is a complete overview of all of our current AdSense products.
We'd like to thank all of your for your great feedback and questions, and look forward to meeting many more of you. Make sure that you're opted in to 'Special Offers' in your email preferences under the 'My Account' tab within your AdSense account so we can let you know about future events in your area!

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