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Senin, 16 Mei 2011

[Inside AdSense] Tell us about your experience with our customized suggestions

Many of you have opted in to receive our customized suggestions about your AdSense implementation. When publishers opt in to this communication, we regularly send them best practice tips that are relevant to their specific site, to help them optimize and earn more with Google AdSense.

Take a look at how publisher Johnny Hayes now earns 51% more with AdSense on his site,, as a result of implementing one of the tips we sent him. You can also learn how publisher Eric Bort's AdSense revenue increased by more than 200% on his site by making a change we recommended via email.

How do you sign up to receive personalized performance suggestions?
Step 1. Go to your account settings, and in the Personal settings section, click "edit"
Step 2. Check the box next to "Customized help and Suggestions"
Step 3. Click "Save"

For the publishers who've already opted in:
We'd love to hear your story as well. Tell us about your experiences with the tips we've sent you and the increase in AdSense revenue you've seen. Also, let us know any feedback you might have regarding our customized suggestions, so we can keep improving how we provide you with tips and advice.

If you haven't yet opted in, don't miss out on additional earnings - opt in today! Make sure to check that the contact information in your account is up-to-date, so we'll be sure to reach you.

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