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Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

[Inside AdSense] Personalized optimization tips explained

We've heard from many of you that the AdSense optimization tips we regularly discuss are helpful but you're still not sure just how these tips apply to your sites. You understand that wide formats perform better, but which of your small formats should you swap out? And which format sizes should you replace them with? Over the last year, we've increased our efforts to bring publishers personalized optimization messages that address these kinds of questions with the goal to provide targeted, personalized and impactful tips to as many publishers as possible.

The criteria we review to determine eligibility for a tip varies depending on the opportunity but the same principle remains true for all of them: we will only contact you if we expect you'll see a significant benefit from making the recommended changes. Several of the success stories shared on the AdSense blog are of publishers who implemented the specific suggestions we made for their websites. For instance, Surgery Squad, FunCheapSF, and CareerPlanner all saw AdSense revenue increases between 50-200% after making the changes recommended by a personalized optimization tip.

While we can't guarantee the same results for all publishers, each tip is generated using rigorous analysis of our entire content network to identify opportunities for significant improvement in AdSense performance. We're constantly analyzing the performance of different AdSense configurations across all site types, regions, and verticals to determine which tweaks and adjustments will work best for your site.

When we detect a specific improvement you could make to your AdSense implementation, you'll receive a notification from us either in an email (to the address listed as your contact email and only if you're opted in to Performance Suggestions) or directly to your AdSense account. These messages have been around for awhile but starting this month you'll notice a new line indicating that the message contains a personalized optimization tip that's unique to your website and ad layout. We're also continuously working on new signals and ways to get that information to you in your account.

Be sure to check your email and AdSense account for optimization tips. We want your site to succeed with AdSense and we hope these personalized tips will help you achieve higher levels of performance from our products. As with any of our optimization tips, we always encourage you to test to find the right implementation for your site and users!

Posted by Jane Brinkley-- AdSense Optimization Team

Posted By Inside AdSense Team to Inside AdSense at 1/10/2012 09:30:00 AM

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