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Senin, 02 April 2012

[Inside AdSense] Monetize online videos and games with AdSense

It seems that everyone these days is spending more time watching their favorite shows online, or playing the newest online game. eMarketer predicts that in 2015, 76% of total U.S. internet users will be regularly watching videos online, and that 40% will be playing online games. These audiences are becoming increasingly attractive to advertisers, and spend on video ads and ads within games is growing each year.

If you're one of the many video publishers or games producers who can benefit from this growth, you might be interested to know that Google has two solutions to monetize this type of content: AdSense for video and AdSense for games. With AdSense, you're able to deliver relevant and non-intrusive ads on your video content and browser-based games. Over the last year, we've seen these products take off. We're particularly excited about the TrueView video ad format that gives viewers choice and control over the ads they watch, while delivering better returns for our publishers.

If you're interested in monetizing your video content or games, please visit our AdSense for video or AdSense for games Help Center sections. We've changed our application process so that you can start to implement straight away. Follow our guidelines and once we review your integration for policy compliance, you're ready to go.

The network of video and games publishers gets bigger every day, and we hope you can join us!

Posted by Daniela Bruno, Product Specialist, Video and Games, AdSense Team

Posted By Inside AdSense Team to Inside AdSense at 4/02/2012 08:55:00 AM

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