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Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013

[Inside AdSense] Introducing the Google AdSense Certified Partner Program

Since 2003, AdSense has helped publishers from around the world earn from their content and grow their businesses. Over time, we've also seen growth in the number of consultants and service providers who have built their own businesses around helping publishers succeed with AdSense. With this in mind, we've created the Google AdSense Certified Partner Program to work more closely with these service providers and recognize the expertise they've developed.

If you use AdWords or Analytics, you may be familiar with the similar Certified Partner programs we offer for those products -- qualified companies can become certified to help you manage your account, should you require additional support for your business. Just like in these other programs, AdSense Certified Partners are carefully vetted by Google, and meet rigorous qualification standards. AdSense Certified Partners can assist with dedicated services ranging from setting up AdSense ad code on your pages to running ongoing optimization tests for you.

For service providers interested in this new program, we've put together comprehensive training and testing resources that cover all aspects of AdSense. Once a company has passed our qualification exam and met additional criteria to become a Certified Partner, they'll be added to our official program website and receive a program logo for their own site. Certified Partners will also have access to marketing resources and tools to help them manage client accounts, and will join a group of accredited companies. We currently have 13 active Certified Partners, and will be adding more to the list throughout the year.

If you're a prospective Certified Partner or a publisher interested in the services offered by these Certified Partners, you can visit our program website or Help Center for more information. We look forward to working with this group of partners and continuing to expand the range of options available to publishers in the AdSense program.

Posted by Catherine Downes - AdSense Certified Partner Team
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