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Selasa, 19 November 2013

[Inside AdSense] Tune in to our Hangouts On Air on going multi-screen

We've recently been sharing a lot of information about how user behavior is changing in our multi-screen world, and the importance of having a multi-device strategy. To continue the conversation and help you find the right multi-screen strategy for your site, our team based in Asia-Pacific will be hosting three online Learn with Google Hangouts On Air. 

During these sessions, we'll also take a look at some of the most common questions around implementing a multi-device strategy, share some examples, and provide tips on how to get started. 

See below for more information about these sessions and how to RSVP.

Introductory: Go Multi-Screen - Principles & Recommendations 
Date: 26th November  Time: 14:00 - 15:00 SGT (GMT +8)**

  • Gain insights into the most common mobile consumer behaviour and learn about the most common approaches to building a mobile solution. 
  • Hear insights on user experience, content optimization, and page speed. 
  • Recommended for all publishers. 

Advanced I. Responsive Design: What, Why & How
Date: 28th November   Time: 14:00 - 15:00 SGT (GMT +8)**

  • Hands-on session to learn more about going responsive.
  • Followed by a Q&A session and best-practice sharing with the AdSense Team.
  • Recommended for those who are considering designing a responsive website.

Advanced II. Building a Great App
Date: 5th December   Time: 14:00 - 15:00 SGT (GMT +8)**

  • Building an app can be an alternative to building a mobile solution or can be created as part of your multi-device strategy. Learn why and how to build a great app for your content. 
  • Find out how to promote and monetize your apps.
  • Recommended for those who have built or are considering building a mobile app.
Interested in live streaming the Hangouts On Air?
Click here to RSVP

** Can't watch the sessions live? Don't worry, a recording of each Hangout On Air will be added to the event pages shortly after the live broadcast so you can watch the material when it's most convenient for you. 

Posted by Fouad Howayek - Inside AdSense Team 

Posted By Inside AdSense Team to Inside AdSense at 11/19/2013 09:45:00 AM

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