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Jumat, 13 Desember 2013

[Inside AdSense] Boost your multi-screen strategy with our new tools.

We've been talking a lot recently about why you should have a multi-screen strategy in place for your site. Today we're happy to share some product updates to complement and strengthen your strategy, with new features for our responsive ad units and a multi-screen optimization score now available in your publisher scorecard.

New features for responsive ad units

Earlier this year, we launched responsive ad units to help you enhance the user experience on your site across devices. You've shared a lot of positive feedback on our responsive ad units and also made some great suggestions on new features you'd like to see. We've incorporated these suggestions into our next iteration of responsive ads with the following changes: 

  • Ad refresh for screen orientation changes:  If your responsive page changes its layout following a screen orientation change (e.g., when a tablet or phone goes from portrait to landscape), we'll request and load a new ad to fit the new page layout.
  • Smart sizing based on the space available:  Our ad code will now automatically adapt all newly created responsive ad units to fit your page layout. All existing responsive ad units that have their width and height explicitly specified via CSS will continue to function as before. Please see our Help Center for information on switching to the smart sizing mode.
  • Reporting by ad size served: To better understand the mix of ad sizes served by your responsive ad units, your ad unit reports can now be broken out by the size of the ad served. 

More information on responsive ad units can be found in our Help Center.

Multi-screen optimization score in publisher scorecard

To help you understand how well your site is optimized for the many screen sizes of your users, we're introducing a new multi-screen category in our publisher scorecard. For example, if users need to zoom and/or scroll often, this may negatively impact their experience. Your score in the multi-screen category will measure what percentage of your pages are multi-screen optimized and compare this percentage to that of other AdSense publishers. Please note that you may not see this category in your scorecard if you have a low percentage of mobile traffic on your site.

This new score will be visible in the scorecard on your AdSense home page. Don't forget to follow the 'Learn more' link displayed in the scorecard to learn how you can optimize your site for multiple screen sizes. More information on your scorecard can be found in our Help Center.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these new features. Feel free to share your feedback on our AdSense +page.

Posted by Nick Radicevic - AdSense Product Manager

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